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Flute Instructor

Born in Indonesia, Yoel Kristian's interest in Flute emerged after listening to a Flute performance by an Irish virtuoso Flutist, Sir James Galway "The Man with the Golden Flute". In his early studies, Yoel quickly achieved the High scorer award in The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) for the 2nd grade in 2009. Since then, Yoel has been actively involved in a youth orchestra, such as Twilite Youth Orchestra in 2012 led by Eric Awuy. In 2012, Yoel studied Flute under Marini Widyastari, a renowned principal Flutist at Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra. Not only in Flute, but Yoel's passion for music also invested in his piano-playing and composition.

In 2019, Yoel finished his Bachelor of Music degree in Flute Performance at Vancouver Academy of Music, Canada, where he took more focused learning on Flute studies on the principal Flutist at the Vancouver Opera, Brenda Fedoruk.

From 2019 to 2021, Yoel spent his time working with Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra as a Piccolo player under Rebecca Tong and had been involved deeply in music education at Gloriamus Music School and Sekolah Kristen Calvin in Jakarta, where he teaches junior high school students on music theory and conducts aa music school program throughout the semesters.

Currently, Yoel is taking his Masters Degree program in Flute Performance at the University of British Columbia, Canada, under the guidance of Christie Reside, a principal Flutist from the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

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