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The Beginner Series has been designed as a guide for those who desire to learn an instrument but have no musical experience. It is an effort made by experienced music educators/ performers from various parts of the world. The Bass Method is a collection of 6 volumes.

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Check out some reviews of our book series from some of the industry's top bassists and bass educators.

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The Bass Method: Beginner Series is a strong foundational presentation that will support the beginning bassist. The instrument (and its parts), music terminology, posture, hand position, music theory basics as well as notation reading, rhythm and playing technique concepts are introduced and applied in this series.  The pacing and explanations of the topics makes these books beneficial for the self-study student as well as a text for instructor with student lessons.

Maurice Verloop, Bass Program Chair, Musicians Institute


Listen to a sampling of some of the exercises from The Beginner Series: Bass Method Volume 1! If you have purchased a copy of our Volume 1 book, send us an email and we will provide you with a download link for the mp3 play along tracks free of charge!

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