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Vocal Instructor

A native of Waterloo Ontario, Adam commenced his musical education at Wilfrid Laurier University in Voice Performance under the direction of Kimberly Barber. He now resides in Victoria, BC where he completed his Masters in Voice Performance with Benjamin Butterfield at the University of Victoria. Adam grew up involved in musical performance and has been teaching music for over 10 years both privately and through various music schools. Although trained classically he believes that the fundamentals of proper vocal function are universal and can be applied to all genres and styles of music. His teaching style focuses on functional training that allows for healthy, flexible and free singing. Adam has completed levels I, II and III of Somatic Voicework ™The LoVetri Method and incorporates its principles into his teaching. Describing his core philosophy behind teaching, he says: “The voice is a means of communication. It is important that we, as singers and artists, have the necessary tools to produce the sounds that different styles of music require. Only then can we sing and convey the meaning of the music as well as the text with complete freedom and ease. My mission is to help my students discover their own authentic voice and to empower them to use it with confidence as a means of expressing themselves”.

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